PRIMA 2022 - Career Fair

Junior Ballroom C & D, Sheraton Wall Centre, December 7th, 2022

PRIMA is the premier conference in the mathematical sciences representing the entire Pacific Rim geographic region. Located in one of Canada’s most beautiful and vibrant cities, the conference is expected to attract more than 300 professional researchers in the mathematical sciences from around the world, including students, postdoctoral fellows, and faculty members at leading academic institutions. Many PRIMA participants are students and other early-career researchers who will be looking for employment now or in the near future. The PRIMA Career Fair is a golden opportunity for job seekers who are highly skilled in the mathematical sciences to meet face-to-face with employers who have opportunities utilizing those skills. Ultimately, we hope networking at the Career Fair leads to future employees getting started on a satisfying career.

Industry Partners

The PRIMA Career Fair is an excellent chance for you to recruit future employees whose innovative problem-solving skills will contribute to the success of your company. The PRIMA Career Fair is an event on the PRIMA program, which is distributed to all students, early career researchers, and senior researchers who are attending the PRIMA conference. The session will take place in room 1000 at the Sheraton Wall Centre from 13:00-15:30 on Wednesday, December 7. It is the only PRIMA event scheduled during this time, and as such we expect that a large proportion of PRIMA participants will attend the Career Fair on a drop-in basis.

Participants will include…

  • job-ready mathematical scientists who are currently seeking employment which matches their skills,
  • students and early career researchers who may be available for internships or future employment, and
  • faculty and other researchers from top academic institutions who may be able to advertise opportunities at your company to students in their networks.

The session has been advertised as a stand-alone session to undergraduate and graduate students in the mathematical sciences at Western Canadian research universities and to graduates of the prestigious PIMS Math-to-Power-Industry career-readiness program. The skills developed by mathematical scientists have valuable applications in many industries, including (but not limited to!) financial service companies, pharmaceuticals or biotechnology companies, communications companies, aerospace companies or defence contractors, software companies and the health care industry.

If your company is interested in participating in the PRIMA Career Fair, please get in touch via Company tables are priced at $300 CAD (register here ). Company representatives who are attending the PRIMA Conference may be eligible for a reduced combined registration fee, please contact for further information. A company table includes a table and two chairs for you to display your posters and printed materials. With your company’s express written permission, we will display your logo on PRIMA Conference materials (such as the website, program and posters). Participants will be encouraged to engage directly with company representatives. For more information, please see the PRIMA Career Fair Brochure , or contact Or you may register as a Career Fair exhibitor .

Information for Attendees

Are you a mathematical scientist looking to work in industry? At the PRIMA Career Fair you will be able to connect directly with employers to find out what career opportunities are available to people with your specific skills. There are many careers available to mathematical scientists. Occupations such as Data Scientists, (Bio)Statistician, Software Developers, Financial or Quantitative Analysts, Machine Learning Specialists or Information Security Specialists are available in companies representing many different sectors of the economy.

How to register:

  • If you intend to register for the PRIMA conference , your registration in the PRIMA Career Fair is automatic and is included as part of your PRIMA conference registration fee.
  • If you are an M2PI Fellow, you are eligible for a $50 discount to register for the PRIMA conference. The PRIMA Career Fair is included as part of your PRIMA conference registration. Please contact or use the M2PI Slack page to ask for the discount code.
  • If you wish to attend the PRIMA Career Fair without attending the PRIMA conference, please register here . Registration for the stand-alone PRIMA Career Fair session is free.